AFLAC Insurance

Are you looking for ways to give your financial security a boost? Please consider looking into the advantages of participating in the ABR's benefits offered through AFLAC. Major medical plans pay for doctors and hospitals, but AFLAC is insurance for daily living. These policies pay cash benefits directly to ABR members, unless otherwise assigned, to help with daily expenses when they are sick or hurt.

Use the cash benefits for such expenses as:

  • Escalating deductibles, copayments, out-of-network charges and any other expenses not picked up by your major medical coverage.
  • Travel-related expenses for treatment in distant medical centers, including airfare, hotels, and meals.
  • Everyday living expenses like mortgage (or rent) payments, car notes, groceries and utility bills.
  • Lost income, resulting in a "double whammy" if the healthy spouse has to leave work to care for the recuperating one. Plus, there's no preauthorization or strings attached.

Benefits of being a ABR member and taking advantage of the benefits offered through AFLAC:

  • Members will receive a discount of 20-30% off regular rates (dependent on policy).
  • Help with claims – As members, you will have access to AFLAC's dedicated local team of associates who will service members directly.
  • Members who have existing AFLAC policies may also receive the discounted member pricing.
  • GUARANTEED-RENEWABLE POLICIES – No matter how many claims are submitted, members have a lifetime guarantee that their policies will be renewed as long as premiums are paid. Members do not have to take action to renew each year.
  • As members, you will receive AFLAC's guaranteed Rate Stability; there will be no rate increases through the life of the policies.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact:

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