Get the REALTOR® Action Center Mobile App

Where will you be when you get the Call for Action?

You can be anywhere, because the new REALTOR® Action Center mobile app contains a host of features to help you VOTE, ACT and INVEST on to go:

  • Mobile Advocacy: Receive a notification alerting you whenever there is a new Call for Action. The new mobile alert format will make participation a snap. No forms to fill out. Short, fast and easy!
  • Mobile Investing: Make your annual investment via your phone. Now there is no excuse to not invest in RPAC!
  • Action Profiles: The app contains a summary of your REALTOR® Party engagement. A list of open action items, actions you have already taken, your RPAC investment history, and more.
  • Advocacy Reports: Track how your state and local associations are doing in terms of their advocacy efforts to help us reach our annual 15% goal.
  • REALTOR® Party Tracker: Learn how your state and local association are using NAR programs to build political strength in your own backyard. Find out what tools and programs NAR is providing your association and how much money those programs cost.

The REALTOR® Action Center mobile app is currently available only for the iPhone. Search for "NAR Action Center" on the iTunes Store and download the app today. (Note: iPad and Android versions of the app will be released later this summer.)

Friday, May 31, 2013
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